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15 Jul, 2022

Investing in antiques, valuables, and even statues is a popular pastime for collectors as well as artists. What makes them special differs from person to person but generally there is a historical, emotional, or aesthetic pull that makes them important to the person who buys them. However, once you have purchased an item like this, you have to consider how and where to store them.

Art, however valuable, needs to be stored in a specific way to reduce the risk of damage occurring. From temperature control to special packaging, getting the best outcome will not only keep your items in the condition you want but will help you to retain the value of each piece. Needless to say, storing your purchases in the attic or in a garage can have devastating effects, so check out our eight storage tips to help you get the most from your purchases.

8 Top Tips for Antique Storage

Take a moment to check out our eight top tips so that you can look forward to a long life for your antique investments:

  1. Climate-Controlled Storage Buildings – these buildings are designed to be able to offer a consistent temperature, no matter what the weather outside is like. Climate-controlled storage buildings are great for antiques as the environment never gets too hot or too cold, stopping damage from occurring.
  2. Safety Comes First – when you spend your hard-earned cash on an antique or statue, you will want to ensure that your investment is safe. This means carefully packaging it and finding a storage solution that has a range of safety and security features, including locks, CCTV, and alarms.
  3. Clean Your Purchases with Care – before you are ready to store your items, it is important to clean them to free them of any dirt or grime that can cause damage. Make sure that you get the right cleaning materials and seek expert advice if needed so that you don’t devalue the piece.
  4. Protect Your Collectables – once everything is cleaned, you will need to invest in suitable protection for each item to stop them from being damaged in storage. This includes specific packing materials that can breathe, and that will stop any sort of fungal or bacterial growth from occurring.
  5. Give Your Items Room – damage happens when items are stored in close proximity to each other. The best course of action is to allow as much space as possible between antiques so that if one gets damaged, it should not affect the others.
  6. Look for Durable Storage Options – investing in items comes with the responsibility to store them properly. There is little point in spending lots of money and then shoving your purchases in to a garage or attic. Find a durable storage solution that offers what you need and invest in it to keep your items safe.
  7. Section Your Storage Area – if you have a number of items and a large storage space, then it may be worth sectioning out the area into smaller pods that can hold individual items. Doing this will reduce the potential to break something and helps you to categorize each item.
  8. Add in Plenty of Checks – once you have purchased and stored your items, your responsibility doesn’t stop there! Take the time to check each item periodically so that you can assess whether any damage has occurred or if the item needs some special attention from a restorer.

The Main Reasons You Need Climate-Controlled Metal Storage Buildings

If the idea of climate-controlled self storage buildings are new to you, then you are probably wondering why you need one. Take a look at the top reasons below:

  1. You Need to Protect Your Items – extreme temperatures are lethal to antiques and statues as they are often fragile. By storing yours in climate-controlled storage buildings, you will be able to maintain the ideal temperature without worrying about the weather forecast.
  2. The Air Quality is Great – another good reason for choosing storage buildings is that the air inside is typically really good quality. This means less chance of your items becoming damaged or infected with bugs or bacteria.
  3. Less Risk of Rodents – metal storage buildings are very difficult for rodents to access, which is great when you want to store antiques that hold value for you. The metal cannot be gnawed and so any indication of an infestation will be dealt with quickly as the storage owners will not want to cause problems for their clients’ items.
  4. Humidity Levels are Optimal – when the weather gets hot, the air becomes much more humid, causing condensation and other water-based problems. Climate-controlled self storage buildings have the right levels of humidity, so that you can be certain that your items will be kept in pristine condition.

Knowing How Long You Need to Store an Item

When it comes to storing your item, working out how long you want to store it will help you to choose the best storage solution. If you are planning to store your collectibles for a month during the spring, then you may even be able to get away without paying for a climate-controlled solution. However, if you are planning to store over the hot summer or freezing winter temperatures, then you should organize your storage ready for the delivery of your items, so that you can work towards a no-damage outcome.

Picking the Right Metal Storage Building for Your Needs

If you are a serious collector and want access to your own solution, then a climate-controlled metal storage building may be the best choice. At Storage Building Central, we support customers to find the perfect solution for their needs, then manufacture it in the US and deliver it for free.

We are committed to high levels of customer care and will work with you until you are completely happy with your purchase. Get in touch today at +1 (844) 315-3151 to find out more and make a plan to store your valuables.