Climate Controlled Storage Buildings

These storage buildings are strong, long-lasting, and customizable, making them ideal for protecting valuables, supplies, and equipment.
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Building Applications

Climate-controlled storage offers a safe environment for safeguarding assets and supplies from the elements. Here’s what climate-controlled and temperature-controlled storage buildings can offer your customers:
Protection from External Weather Conditions
Prevents Costly Damage to Your Belongings
Features Humidity Control
Comfort and Peace of Mind
Protection from Dust and Debris
Improved Air Quality

Types of Climate-Controlled Storage Buildings

There are many types of climate-controlled buildings out there. Let’s look at just a few:

Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-Controlled Storage

This type of storage maintains a consistent temperature year-round, protecting your customer’s items from extreme heat or cold.

Air-Cooled Storage

Air-Cooled Storage

Air-cooled storage uses ventilation systems to circulate air, keeping the storage unit cool without lowering the temperature as much as climate-controlled storage.

Heated Storage

Heated Storage

Heated storage facilities maintain a minimum temperature to prevent freezing. This keeps certain products in a safe temperature range for long-term storage.

Humidity-Controlled Storage  & Documents

Humidity-Controlled Storage

Humidity-controlled storage regulates moisture levels in the air, protecting items like electronics, documents, and wooden furniture from damage caused by humidity fluctuations.

Storage Building Prices

Since so many components go into building a climate-controlled structures, it can take a lot of work to nail down a specific price.The final cost may vary based on your building’s size, configuration, and the finishing touches and add-ons you choose. As such, working closely with a building expert is important to find the right metal building price for your budget.

Building Customizations

Storage Building Central is Your Answer for Climate-Controlled Storage Buildings

Whether you’re starting a small storage business, or designing a large multi-unit storage building, Storage Building Central can help. Our structures are built with high-quality steel, and designed to serve your storage business well for years to come.
These buildings are great for any size self-storage business, giving you an unparalleled level of freedom and creative control.
Call Storage Building Central today at +1 (844) 315-3151 to start creating your new structure. We’ll guide you through the design process and deliver a building that’s built for your business.

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