climate controlled self storage
20 Aug, 2021

When you are looking for a storage solution for belongings, you will find standard self-storage options and climate-controlled self-storage options to choose from. Many people will make their decision based on price but understanding the difference between the two is vital to ensuring that people’s possessions are kept in good condition.

Climate-controlled storage is a solution in which items are stored at a consistent temperature, usually between 55 – 80 degrees. The purpose of storing items at this temperature is to protect them from becoming damaged when exposed to extreme temperatures – both hot and cold.

As more people need to store items when they move or if they choose to travel, the climate-controlled storage business is more in demand than ever before, making it an ideal time to invest and build your own business. By offering quality storage with a consistent temperature, you are likely to have a genuine demand for your building, and the great news is that you can build a business like this for much less than you probably expect.

Key Considerations Before You Build Climate Controlled Self-Storage

When you have decided to consider investing in a climate-controlled storage building, it is imperative that you take the time to understand the key areas that will need to be addressed. Doing this will not only support robust planning but will help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls that people experience when they start to build their own storage building business. You will find below the key considerations you need to address:

How You Will Insulate the Storage Building it may sound obvious, but one of the most important parts of installing a climate-controlled building is insulation. From having an insulated roof and insulated walls to considering whether you need to insulate the floor will all support a quality building that customers want to use. When you have insulated your new building, you will also need to think about where the climate-controlled sections will be or if you will choose to climate control the entire place so that all your building offers premium storage solutions.

Your Design Goals running costs will play a big part in how you design your metal storage buildings, and there are some simple tricks you can implement to reduce the costs. From keeping south-facing walls and roof panels to a minimum and considering the optimal size of each space to get maximum protection. You could also consider adding a second floor to reduce the impact of the weather on the ground floor and then use the extra space for offices and some smaller buildings.

The Equipment You Choose to Install finding the right climate control equipment for your new building will have a significant impact on the day-to-day running costs. One option is to install a split energy-efficient system that works with an external roof-mounted compressor and internal air handler. Not only will this system provide you with the best outcome for your wallet, but it could also help you achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Credits, which will look great for your new business.

Extra Services You Can Offer depending on the demand in your area, you can work to specialize in specific climate-controlled storage options such as wine storage, art storage, or even record-keeping storage. If you do decide to follow this course of action, you will need to find out the ideal humidity levels for the solution you want to offer. It is possible to separate areas to offer a range of different storage solutions, but it is also important to consider the financial implication and design layout requirements to ensure that this remains a profitable entity.

The Many Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage Buildings

Climate-controlled storage buildings offer a great business model for anyone that is serious about storage. Spending more on creating a climate-controlled space comes with many benefits, including:

  • Protection from Mother Nature in the US, there are sections of the country that experience a huge change in temperatures as the year progresses, and this can leave items at risk of damage, especially when they are delicate. Providing storage with a consistent temperature will help prolong the life of items and keep them in good condition all year round.
  • Reduces Damage having a consistent temperature not only keeps everything in good condition but also reduces the level of damage experienced. In non-climate controlled storage, wood can split, records can be spoilt, and art, electrics, books, and antiques can all sustain irreparable damage that can be avoided with a climate-controlled system.
  • Air is Cleaner many stored items need a clean environment so that they are not spoiled or damaged. By using a climate-controlled system, the air is kept cleaner because there is a constant flow of fresh air being pumped into the system.
  • Dust and Debris are Reduced for a climate-controlled building to be effective, it needs to be well insulated and sealed to be able to maintain a consistent temperature. The additional payoff from this is that dust and debris are less able to permeate the system, keeping items in pristine condition.
  • Humidity Control for Premium Quality if you plan to offer storage solutions for antiques or other delicate items, offering quality humidity control is a huge benefit as it reduces the amount of moisture from the air and keeps items in excellent condition.
  • Peace of Mind many clients will be happy to pay extra for storage if you are able to provide climate control. This is because it gives them additional peace of mind and reassurance that their belongings will be kept safe when they are not in use.
  • How a Climate Controlled Building Works

The entire point of a climate-controlled building is to offer protection from excessive heat, excessive cold, and humidity so that items remain intact. Depending on your location, there are three main types of storage solutions that you may need:

Heated/Cooled Spaces – these are the most commonly used across the country and provide the ability to heat or cool the environment depending on the outside temperatures.

Air-Cooling – if your area only experiences a mild winter but has a hot summer, then an air cooling solution may be more effective as it offers cooling solutions when it is hot.

Heated Storage if you only experience a mild summer but temperatures plummet in winter, then investing in heated storage will help to maintain a consistent temperature all year round.

The Items You Can Store in Climate Controlled Buildings

If you are not sure whether you need climate-controlled storage, then the following list of items that require a temperature-controlled environment may help:

  • Films & Photos
  • Books & Paper Products
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Antiques
  • Collector Items
  • Cars
  • Fabrics

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