Climate-controlled storage buildings
29 Aug, 2023

AC Vs. Climate Control

You’ve likely heard the term climate-controlled storage at least once when it comes to storage buildings. And while it may cause you to conjure images of cool air conditioning keeping your valuables from excessive heat, climate control, and air conditioning storage differ in several ways.

In this blog, we’ll explore these building types and answer the question of whether air-conditioned or climate-controlled storage is your best option. If you’re thinking of starting a commercial storage project or simply increasing your home storage capabilities, this piece just might be for you.

What is a Climate-Controlled Building?

Climate-controlled storage buildings are specialized facilities designed to maintain a consistent and controlled environment within storage units. These buildings are equipped with advanced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, as well as humidity regulation mechanisms that safeguard stored items from extreme temperature fluctuations and high humidity levels. Without such capabilities, stored items can be prone to damage, deterioration, and even mold growth over time.

In climate-controlled storage buildings, the temperature is typically maintained within a specific range, usually between 55 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range helps prevent items from being exposed to excessively hot or cold conditions, which can negatively impact their structural integrity.

Additionally, these facilities can control humidity levels to prevent items from becoming too dry or too damp. Humidity regulation is crucial for protecting items like wooden furniture, electronics, artwork, sensitive documents, and textiles, as fluctuations in moisture content can lead to warping, cracking, or mold formation.

What is An Air-Conditioned Building?

Simply put, an air-conditioned storage building is a structure that’s designed to keep stored items at a specific ambient temperature. This can prevent damage from excessive heat during the warmer months and reduce your unit’s overall humidity.

However, it must be noted that an air-conditioning system doesn’t necessarily maintain ambient humidity. Therefore, items stored in such a structure can still be at risk of mold, mildew, and decay. Depending on your needs, you may want to choose a climate-controlled storage building over one that only has air-conditioning capabilities.

What Are the Key Differences Between Climate-Controlled and Air-Conditioned Storage Buildings?

When it comes to storing your valuable items, it’s important to choose the right storage solution for your specific needs. Let’s explore the key differences between climate-controlled and air-conditioned storage facilities:

1. Temperature vs. Comprehensive Control

The most fundamental difference lies in the scope of environmental control. Air-conditioned storage primarily focuses on regulating the temperature within the storage units, ensuring your items are protected from extreme heat or cold. However, humidity levels may not be actively managed. On the other hand, climate-controlled storage takes a more comprehensive approach. These buildings control temperature and monitor and adjust humidity levels to create an optimal environment for preserving a wider range of items.

2. Humidity Regulation

One of the significant advantages of climate-controlled storage is its ability to regulate humidity levels. Humidity control is crucial for items like wooden furniture, artwork, and delicate fabrics. Excessive humidity can lead to mold growth, warping, and deterioration, while overly dry conditions can cause items to crack or become brittle. Climate-controlled storage buildings utilize advanced systems to maintain consistent humidity levels, protecting your belongings from the damaging effects of moisture fluctuations.

3. Versatility of Items Stored

While both types of storage protect against temperature extremes, climate-controlled storage is better equipped to handle a diverse range of items. This makes it an ideal choice for storing sensitive electronics, valuable collections, important documents, and items with sentimental or monetary value. Temperature-controlled storage, while effective for some items, may not offer the same level of protection needed for items vulnerable to humidity-related damage.

4. Comprehensive Preservation

Climate-controlled storage is often considered the gold standard for preserving items susceptible to environmental fluctuations. Whether you’re storing antiques, musical instruments, photographs, or leather goods, climate-controlled buildings offer the reassurance that your items will be maintained in an environment that minimizes the risks of degradation.

Why Choose Climate-Controlled Metal Buildings?

Metal buildings have made a tremendous impact on the self-storage industry. And for good reason. They’ve provided business owners with strong, customizable, cost-effective infrastructure that’s far more adaptable than traditional construction options.

Metal buildings offer exceptional durability, making them great for securely housing items from both the elements and potential intruders. They’re also some of the most customizable structures on the market, giving you carte blanche to build your structure to meet your exact needs. Change the size, configuration, paneling, colors, roofing, and more.

But beyond sheer aesthetics, metal buildings are some of the most energy-efficient options available. Their precise manufacturing minimizes any structural gaps that allow airflow and heat loss. And with insulation and the right finishing touches, you can design a building perfect for a climate-controlled storage business.

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