Climate controlled storage
26 Oct, 2021

It is extremely important to store large appliances in climate-controlled buildings. Most appliances today are vulnerable to extreme temperatures and high humidity levels. With the help of climate-controlled storage buildings, the humidity levels and temperature are stable and controlled.

A climate-controlled storage building can maintain a consistent storage environment. In addition, these buildings are designed and installed so that your appliances and other belongings will not get damaged.

Therefore, if you plan on renovating your home or moving to another place, it is recommended that you place your sensitive items and large appliances in these climate-controlled storage buildings to protect them against outdoor elements until you get settled.

Different Appliances and Household Items that Require Climate-Controlled Storage

There are many appliances and household items that require the use of climate-controlled storage. Some of these items include:

1) Household Appliances

Here are some common appliances that require climate-control storage:

  • Dishwasher: It is important to store your dishwashers in climate-controlled buildings because they can start malfunctioning in extreme heat or cold.
  • Refrigerator: Refrigerators require climate-controlled buildings because they are known to break down if they start attracting dust, especially in and around the motor unit.
  • Stove/Oven: Stoves and ovens cannot withstand moisture. If introduced, moisture can lead to rusting in certain parts. Hence, always store your oven or stove in climate-controlled storage buildings.
  • Washing Machine: The mechanical parts of washing machines are very sensitive and can get easily damaged by outdoor conditions. Hence, climate-controlled storage buildings would be much more preferable.

2) Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is prone to hot and cold temperatures. When subjected to hot and cold conditions, the leather will start to crack. Additionally, the moisture will result in your furniture getting moldy and discolored. Therefore, it is recommended that you store all your expensive leather-based furniture in climate-controlled storage buildings to protect them from bad weather conditions.

3) Wooden Furniture

When there is too much moisture around, wood will start to rot, crack, and/or warp. Therefore, any wooden item in your home, like decoration items, tables, nightstands, bed frames, chairs, and more, is at risk if you cannot protect them from moisture.

Additionally, wooden materials will also attract common pests like termites. Hence, a climate-controlled storage building would be a preferable storage idea.

4) Artwork

According to research, it has been found that temperature levels between 70-75°F and 50% humidity levels are the best for storing delicate artworks. A climate-controlled building will keep dust, UV exposure, and moisture at bay, in addition to providing a consistent temperature and humidity level.

5) Instruments

Musical instruments are very delicate and easily get damaged if you do not take care of them. Additionally, they are also quite expensive, which means that they need to be stored in climate-controlled environments.

For example, brass instruments can get damaged by high heat and humidity levels. On the other hand, wooden instruments like a piano can be damaged by fluctuations in moisture and temperature levels.

6) Electronics

It is understood that electronics will not survive if there are major shifts in moisture and temperature levels. Electronics ranging from simple earphones to modern LCD plasma television screens can get damaged by moisture and/or high heat and cold. This means that climate-controlled storage buildings are the best choice for storing all your electronics.

Metal Storage Buildings

What Should You Include in Your Checklist for Moving and Storing Your Appliances?

Some things that you should get done with before moving and storing your appliances in a climate-controlled storage building are:

  • Take a Final Look: Start by creating a final list of items and appliances you want to store in a climate-controlled storage building. Doing so will help you minimize chaos while loading and unloading the materials.
  • Get Rid of the Liquid: You need to remember to remove all liquid from your appliances, particularly those used in the kitchen and bathroom. Water and other liquids invite bacteria/fungus and contribute to molds/mildew.
  • Clean the Insides: Clean all the appliances from inside-out before packing them. For instance, remove all the foods and liquids from your refrigerator, clean the stains in your washing machine, etc.
  • Check and Treat for Insects: Always treat your appliances to insects. It is more likely that you will have to store your appliances in a climate-controlled storage building for quite some time. So be sure to remove the insects from the nooks and get the machine treated.
  • Get the Exterior Cleaned: Of course, it is a no-brainer; always clean your appliances on the outside as well. Scrub the walls and shelves of the appliance to remove unpleasant smells.
  • Remove the Glass for Cleaning and Protect Finish: Most appliances are fitted with components made of glass. Therefore, we suggest that you properly clean any glass surfaces routinely. Additionally, you can also fit some extra-protective layers to ensure the glass does not break.
  • Secure All Appliances With Tape: Protection is important when you are moving appliances to a climate-controlled storage building. For example, you would not want the door of your fridge to hit your head while unloading them. Use of tape to ensure such incidents do not occur.
  • Switch Them Off: One very important point is to remember to switch off the appliance. If not, the appliance could heat up inside the packaging, potentially eventually leading to dangerous accidents.
  • Cover the Appliances for the Best Protection: Covering your appliances is the best way to protect them from outdoor elements. Ensure that the packaging is done completely and the appliance is air-tight so that moisture, dust, and pests cannot enter.

Questions You Need to Ask Before Storing Appliances in a Climate-Control Building

Some important aspects you need to understand before storing appliances in a climate-control

building are:

1. Can the Materials Get Discolored, Deteriorated, Cracked, or Warped From Moisture?

Apart from attracting mold and mildew, the introduction of moisture can result in your appliances getting discolored, deteriorated, cracked, or warped. This is because moisture leads to humidity, which allows mold to grow and thrive. Therefore, it is important to get in touch with the appliance manufacturer before buying them and ask them these relevant questions.

2. Does High Heat Cause the Material to Contract or Expand?

It is common knowledge that high heat can result in some materials expanding and others contracting. In addition, high heat can cause your electronic gadgets to heat up and likely cause fire or other types of accidents. When storing your appliances, you need to ensure that the temperature-controlled storage buildings maintain a consistent room temperature.

3. Is the Building Designed to Store Materials at Certain Temperatures, Like Wine?

A rise or drop in temperature can degrade several materials. For example, consider something as common as wine, where temperature changes can dramatically accelerate or decelerate its aging process. In climate-controlled storage buildings, the temperature is kept consistent so that such materials do not get damaged. In most cases, these buildings maintain a temperature range between 55° and 57°F.

4. Is the Material Prone to Extreme Cold or Heat?

Let us first understand how extreme cold can damage your appliances and materials. Typically for appliances like washing machines, water can freeze in winters and expand and damage several of its components. On the other hand, extreme heat is not good for your appliances either. In most cases, the machines also heat up faster and get damaged internally, like your computer. In both cases, a climate-controlled storage building is considered the best choice because it maintains a steady temperature for all materials within it.

5. Is It Valuable, Sentimental, and/or Rare?

One of the best aspects of metal storage buildings is security. All the doors and windows are fitted with impenetrable locking mechanisms. In addition, you can easily store all your rare and valuable appliances in these buildings. Furthermore, some are even fitted security cameras on the main entrances.

6. How Long Will You Store the Material?

At times, you may be looking for a space to store your appliances for several months in a row, maybe even up to a year. But, of course, you cannot simply keep moving them from one place to another. In such conditions, it is always better to look for climate-controlled storage buildings for such purposes. These buildings will be able to store all your appliances at a nearly constant room temperature.

7. Can the Materials Withstand High Humidity and Heat?

Changes in the temperature and heat can definitely take a significant toll on your things. However, climate-controlled storage buildings will keep your appliances and other belongings at a constant temperature to help counter this problem.

8. Storing Irreplaceable, Antiques, Valuables, and Collectibles?

Irreplaceable valuables like antiques are prone to extreme weather and even slight changes in the weather conditions and/or temperature. In such cases, you will always be checking your storage space for any damage. A climate-controlled storage building can help you alleviate such stress. They are fitted with everything to ensure that your valuables are protected from such changes.

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