Determining About Capacity for Your Self-Storage Building Project
28 Apr, 2020

Americans love their stuff. Whether it’s sentimental belongings passed down through generations, seasonal items stored for the winter, or college furniture patiently waiting for next semester to start, all those personal valuables need a place to be stored. That’s where metal self-storage buildings earn their keep.

As a nearly 40-billion-dollar business, it’s not surprising that self-storage building projects in the United States are growing in popularity. With steel self-storage buildings from Storage Building Central, you can quickly and easily enter this growing market with your own custom approach. There are, however, a myriad of things to consider before jumping headfirst into the self-storage building business. For more on how you can start a profitable storage business and how a steel self-storage can help, read on!

The Right Capacity for Your Self-Storage Building

There are many factors to consider when determining the right amount of space for your self-storage building project. While each situation is unique and will require specific considerations, we’ve provided you with a few common approaches. From the type of building you opt for to the way in which you determine the right capacity for your self-storage building project, no two businesses are the same. Check out some key considerations and techniques below!

Market-Driven Design

Without enough customers, any business will fail. By using market research to determine what level of need exists in the market, you can more accurately determine your potential customer base and create the appropriate amount of space to serve that base. As such, market-driven design is a great way to determine the right capacity for your metal self-storage building.

The Virtual Model

With modern technology at your disposal, you can easily visualize your business and use virtual models to help determine the right way forward for multiple aspects of your business and associated buildings. Virtual models can be an invaluable tool when evaluating how to best utilize your property and maximize the earning potential of the space you have to work with!


The classic self-storage building design uses a single-story. There are some distinct benefits to this style of building. For example, it makes every unit easier to access, which is a major selling point for customers. It’s convenient to be able to drive up to your unit for loading and unloading purposes. These buildings also cost less than multi-story self-storage buildings.


To maximize the earning potential of your property, all you have to do is build up, right? That’s the strategy behind multi-story self-storage buildings, and it works (to an extent). Multi-story buildings grant you more room. More space means more customers, and more customers mean more money. However, multi-story self-storage buildings are more expensive to build thanks to hallways, stairs, sprinkler systems, and so on. They also may deter certain customers who do not want to deal with lugging their possessions around a multi-story building.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Incorporating climate control into your steel self-storage building design increases the cost of your building. The equipment is expensive, as is the monthly bill associated with keeping the climate-controlled. So, you must determine if these added expenses are worth the investment. Many potential customers will appreciate this feature and the versatility it adds to the storage space, so it is possible that having a climate-controlled storage building will attract more business!

Self-Storage Buildings from Storage Building Central

When you start a business, you are investing in yourself. Each decision you make can shape your future and the success of your venture. When it comes to self-storage building projects, the biggest decision you will make is determining which building you will select, who it will come from, and what custom features it will carry.

Storage Building Central is the go-to provider of self-storage structures in the United States. It will guide you through the customization and ordering process to ensure you are getting the exact right building for you and your business. From nearly endless customization options to delivering everything you need and nothing you don’t, Storage Building Central is there to help your business get off to a strong start and excel going forward. To talk to a knowledgeable expert, call today on +1 (844) 315-3151.