Heated Storage Building
19 May, 2022

Storage buildings offer a great solution when you are looking for a place to leave your belongings while you move, renovate, travel, and more. However, knowing what types of storage buildings are out there and how they work can be the difference between you spending more than you need to.

There are two main types of storage buildings that are widely used – air-conditioned climate-controlled storage and heated storage. Both of these storage building types offer a consistently maintained temperature within a specific temperature range (generally 55 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit).

The main reason why people choose air-conditioned climate-controlled, or heated storage buildings is to ensure that their belongings are kept at a consistent temperature, avoiding damage and other issues that arise with fluctuating temperatures. However, knowing which one to choose for your belongings can be confusing – take a look at our overview of heated storage buildings to get to grips with the facts.

Climate-Controlled Heated Storage Buildings – What Are They?

The simple definition of a heated storage building is a place where the temperature is kept constantly warm. For example, providing heating to the building when the weather is cold outside and not cooling the environment with air conditioning when the weather gets hot.

The only consideration required in heated temperature-controlled storage is mitigating against the cold weather. Some of the types of items you will find in a heated storage building include electronic appliances, entertainment items such as CDs and DVDs, and other items like instruments that need to be shielded from cold extremes.

What Items Can I Store in a Climate-Controlled Building?

Before you can agree on a storage plan, you need to decide what you are looking for and what you want to store. Some of the most important initial considerations include:

  • Knowing How Long You Want to Store – if you are planning to store an item for a week or two during warm weather, then you should be pretty confident that most storage solutions should work for you. However, if your storage is going to last for longer than a couple of weeks or span both warm and cold weather, then it is wise to look for a specialist solution.
  • Taking Care of the Value of Your Items – if the items you want to store are valuable sentimentally or financially or they are antiques, you will need to find a storage solution that will keep them in good condition and not cause any damage or decay.
  • Getting the Best Security – safety and security are big concerns for many people when they choose to use a storage facility. Using climate-controlled storage buildings often means that you can also be certain that you are going to get some form of security to keep your items safe.

A climate-controlled building works by ensuring that the space always falls within a specified temperature range – the average is generally between 55 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. To achieve this, heating and cooling equipment is installed in the space, and thermostats carefully monitor the temperature levels day and night.

The temperature is regulated for the entire building rather than individually. This means that while the temperature is regulated, it is not the same as in domestic properties but more like a fully insulated garage that is attached to your home. This means that the climate-controlled storage space is the perfect choice for when you want to keep your items accessible but don’t need constant access to them all year round.

The Benefits of Using a Heated Storage Building

If you think you may want to invest in a climate-controlled building but need to know more, then take a look at the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Protection from Extreme Temperatures – keeping your belongings in good condition often means not exposing them to sharp temperature changes. A climate-controlled building maintains a constant temperature range that will not damage your belongings or cause them to mold or warp.
  • Improved Air Quality – with a temperature-controlled building, you can be confident that the quality will be good, and that air circulation will help to avoid mustiness and smells from occurring on your items – meaning that everything will be as fresh as the day you stored it!
  • Reduced Pest Attacks – controlled storage buildings are less susceptible to pests as they do not provide the conditions needed for them to breed and cause damage. This means no moth attacks or bug infestations that could otherwise cause significant damage to your items.
  • No Mold Growth – in temperature-controlled spaces, there are no damp and dark corners that provide the right conditions for mold, leaving your items safe from spoilage and ensuring that no valuables lose value over time.
  • Adequate Space – another great thing about using climate-controlled buildings is that you have ample space to store all your items without having to cram things in and potentially damage them, plus you can add to or reduce the space you have depending on how your needs evolve.
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