How to Ensure Your Self-Storage Metal Building Roof Lasts for Years
25 Mar, 2021

One of the joys of owning a self-storage metal building is the guarantee of long-lasting durability. No matter the climate, metal storage building roofs are built to last, but should they require any maintenance, you’re not going to break the bank fixing it. If you can repair the roof – repairs are relatively cheap, especially when you compare them to traditional wood roofs.

And what’s more, that your roof needs repairs doesn’t mean it’s on its last legs. In fact, it probably still has a lot of years left in it. And the key to making your roof’s life a lengthy one is proper upkeep. It may take up a little more time than you’d like, but caring for your roof means saving a bundle on more expensive repairs, or even replacements, later.

Problems You’re Likely to Experience

Metal is overwhelmingly the popular option for mini storage metal building roofs, and it’s clear to see why. With quick, fast and easy installation, delivered free with Storage Building Central, metal self-storage buildings are the inexpensive, convenient option. And the benefits don’t end with purchasing; they’re reasonably cheap and easy to repair, too. But easy repair doesn’t means no repair. You can’t expect your roof to last a generation without the odd touch-up.

You’re likely to come across some common problems, but the best way to avoid them occurring with frequency is through careful attention and proper setup.

Loose Fasteners


The most common metal roofs for storage buildings are R-panel, which is the least expensive option while still looking attractive. But looks aren’t everything, and R-panel roofs typically come with fasteners large and exposed. Fasteners aren’t able to keep up with how a building will move or expand over time, leading to loosening. This can bring mold, rust, and leaks.

Whenever you’re inspecting your building, you must check to ensure your fasteners haven’t given out over time.

Lack of Insulation

Insulation plays an important role in a metal building, even when it’s not heated. If there are lights inside, condensation can build up. Any temperature differentials will lead to condensation without the proper insulation. If you find your building is so affected, the contractor didn’t properly install the insulation, it got wet, or it has broken.

It’s essential to check your insulation for any breaks or wet spots.

Incorrectly Sealed or Non-Sealed Seams

A suitable sealant is essential. Sealant, usually caulk or butyl, protects your structure from cracks, which can lead to leaks. While R-panels are fastened, inverted J and other panels are sealed mechanically. But any good contractor knows that’s not enough to finish the job. You need to complete the work with a hand sealer if you really want it done right.

Dissimilar Metals

Using different kinds of metal in other parts of your self-storage building, like aluminum fasteners with steel panels, is never recommended. Dissimilar metals in your construction could lead to corrosion, which will eventually have you replacing the roof entirely.


Scratches are bound to occur. If someone drags a piece of equipment over the roof or something lands on it, it can scratch your roof. It’s recommended to use a rust inhibitor to avoid future problems.

Inflexible Repair Products

When you’re repairing your roof, it matters what cleaners and repair tools you apply to your roof. You don’t want to use an aluminum coating on steel, for instance, as it can cause the panels to move over time. This will create an air space you don’t want that traps moisture. As you know, moisture begets rust.

Light Foot Traffic

Admittedly, you’re not going to find a lot of people walking on your roof. But occasionally, even you may have to set foot up there. Light foot traffic can cause crimping in the roof panels. This can crease the seams, which opens the door to rust or leaks.

Warranty Issues

Like any warranty, it’s imperative to read the fine print. This is not a terms and service agreement online that you absently click past; there is real money at stake here. Ask questions, know exactly what your warranty does and doesn’t cover. Warranties for self-storage building roofs are notoriously tricky, and you don’t want any surprises.

Get Your Storage Building Now!

As you can see, storage building roofs are surprisingly easy to maintain, so long as you take certain precautions, understand your warranty well and make sure it’s installed properly. There’s nothing more vital when it comes to protecting your valuables at an affordable cost, and Storage Building Central is happy to get you set up.

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