30 Jul, 2021

More People Are Opening Their Own Retail Stores Than Ever Before

If you’re considering entering the independent retail sector, you certainly aren’t alone.

More people than ever before are now considering setting up their own retail store. With the rise of online selling, the convenience of eCommerce is widespread. Also, with a changing job market, it isn’t surprising more people have begun to seek out more independent career options.

Launching your own retail store is a great idea. You can enjoy the independence of working for yourself whilst also making a lucrative income. Many types of goods are always in demand. That means you can enjoy ongoing success and excellent profits.

What Do I Need To Consider If I Want To Set Up A Retail Business In My Self-Storage Facility?

Self-storage facilities are the perfect choice for use as a retail store. Not only do they offer extensive floor space for storage and selling, but they’re also strong and protective. Storage buildings are designed with security in mind. This means you can be confident that your goods will stay safe from theft, damage, or inclement weather.

The Type Of Goods

The first thing to consider is what you need to keep in your retail store. What kind of goods are you planning to sell? Are you planning to sell multiple products or just one type of goods? You need to choose a self-storage facility that is geared up to accommodate those items safely.

Retailers License Application

Next, before you can start trading from your self-storage business, you need to obtain a retailer license. It’s important when setting up a retail business in your self-storage building to do it legally. This means researching and applying for the most appropriate type of retailer license to suit your business aims.

Floor Plan and Layout

If you already have a self-storage building, you need to decide how to lay it out as a retail store. This will vary depending on its size and type. Getting the most value from your floor space is paramount. Therefore, you’ll have to spend some time considering the layout and floor plan.

Safety Considerations

Retail facilities require certain features to be safe and legal. You’ll need to check your self-storage building to make sure it’s safe for people to use. This means ensuring there is an appropriate fire exit, and that the space is well-ventilated. You’ll also need to ensure that the entry space is sufficient for your needs.

Stocking The Facility

Once you’ve considered all of the above, it’s time to start filling up your mini storage building with stock. Choose the goods that you intend to sell and start placing orders with reputable and reliable suppliers. Once the orders arrive, you’ll need to stock them in your self-storage building.

Hire Staff

Unless you’re running a very small retail business, you’ll probably need to hire some staff. Start placing adverts and conducting interviews to find trustworthy and suitably skilled individuals to support your team. Make sure they’ve undergone suitable training so that they can serve your customers properly. After all, customer service is paramount to your success.

Maintain Your Inventory

Keeping track of your inventory of stock couldn’t be more important. After all, you don’t want to run out of items that your customers demand. Keep up to date with your sales and ensure that you place orders with suppliers when stocks run low. This will ensure that there are always goods on your shelves.

The Benefits of Converting Self Storage Buildings Into Retail Stores

There are many benefits associated with changing your self-storage building into a handy retail unit. Not only can you save money, but you’ll also benefit from strong and spacious premises.

Money Saving

Since you already own a self-storage facility, converting it into a retail store is an effective money-saving solution. You won’t need to invest in buying or renting another premises.


Self-storage facilities are designed for durability, resilience, security, and strength. You can be sure that your retail outlet will stand the test of time thanks to your facility’s robustness.

Low Maintenance

One of the greatest advantages of converting a self-storage building to a retail store is its low maintenance requirements. It takes very little effort to maintain and upkeep a storage facility.


Self-storage facilities are flexible and versatile. They are perfect for storing all kinds of goods safely and securely. This gives you a lot of choices over which types of goods to sell.

Lower Insurance Cost

Self-storage facilities are designed with security and safety in mind. This means you’ll pay less in insurance costs when it comes to protecting your stock from damage and theft.

Which Retail Store Options Can I Pick From?

There are so many different retail store options that you can start in your own self-storage building. No matter your interests or preferences, you’re sure to find one of the following ideas appealing.

Grocery Store

Everyone needs to buy food so selling groceries is a great option for anyone setting up their own retail business.

Stationery and Bookstore

storage buildings are a perfect choice for retailing stationery and books since they protect against damage.

Customized Gift Shop

Customized gifts are becoming more popular as consumers demand a more personal touch. Items like engraved or embroidered goods are ideal.

Cosmetic Store

Cosmetics are a great choice for independent retail. Thanks to their small size, you can stock a lot of items in even a compact space.

Perfume Store

Perfume is always popular with both sexes and is easy to store and sell from a storage facility.

Mobile Store

More people than ever before are investing in and using mobile devices. Cash in on this latest trend by opening a mobile store.

Clothing Store

It’s possible to get great prices on wholesale clothing online. This makes it easy to stock up and sell attractive garments.

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