13 May, 2016

The Housing Bubble Pop

During the housing burst, many previous homeowners found themselves renting apartments with nearly half if not less in square footage. People originally used to having over 2,000 square feet were now living in spaces with 1,000 square feet or less. They did not want to see the valuables they worked so hard to acquire go to the trash, so they started storing their belongings in storage facilities, hoping for a resurgence in the housing market.  What was once a niche market, all of a sudden became a necessity for many in our society. Storage Facilities started running out of units quickly.


Entrepreneurs and savvy business saw this trend and took advantage of this new booming market.  Now you can find mini storage building facilities everywhere all across the United States. Selling huge perks alongside customers units. Some have gone even as far as to deliver specific items from units to a location in their delivery areas. For example, if you needed a patio set from your storage unit for the summer,  just call up your local storage company that offers the service and they will deliver it right to your door! The perks range wildly depending on the facility in your area.