09 Sep, 2020

The threat of natural disasters is something that people have long strived to adapt to. As time has moved forward and society has progressed, the methods used to mitigate the risks associated with natural disasters have become more advanced, saving countless lives and protecting the property from incalculable damage.

Hurricanes are one of the more common natural disasters to impact the United States, with storms making landfall nearly every year, often more than once. While certain areas of the country are more likely to suffer the dangers posed by these massive storms, namely the east coast, gulf coast, and southeast states, there have been occasions where storms have caused significant damage inland.

When operating a storage building business, you are not only responsible for protecting your investment and livelihood, but also the items of every customer who trusts your building to keep their valuable safe and secure. This is a heavy responsibility, especially if you live in an area that is at a high-risk during hurricane season.

Thankfully, metal mini storage buildings from Storage Building Central provide legitimate solutions that give your business a fighting chance during storm season. No matter what the weather throws at you, you can be prepared. Read on to find out how.

Preparedness – The Best Way to Minimize Damage

In the face of nature’s most intimidating weather pattern, resigning to doing nothing is the worst possible approach. While you cannot alter the course of the storm, you can take legitimate steps to minimize damage. Preparedness is the single best way to set yourself and your building up for enduring a hurricane. Check out the tips below to start preparing your self-storage building.

Make a Plan

The last thing you want to experience when a storm hits is a lack of organization. Chaos is the agent of destruction, and chaos in the face of a natural disaster only enhances the possibility of property destruction or worse.

Instead, develop a clear plan and review it thoroughly with your employees and even customers. Have protocols in place so that everyone knows how to react in the face of adversity. This will help minimize potentially deadly mistakes.

A few key points to consider when making a hurricane crisis plan are to have an emergency list of people to contact, including staff, local first responders, your insurance company, and tenants. Clear communication is key!

Invest in Coverage

In the event that your property and the property of your clients are damaged, it is vital that you have the right insurance coverage. Failure to invest in the proper coverage could spell financial disaster for you and your self-storage business.

There are many companies that offer hurricane insurance, including damage from the storm itself, the resulting floods, and even the loss of income that can accompany such a disaster.

Preparing Your Property

Physically preparing your property to face the storm is an integral step in minimizing the damage a storm may cause. There are numerous online resources that offer comprehensive guidance to protecting your building, so we recommend doing a bit of research to develop your own plan specific to your property.

However, there are a few basic steps everyone should take before a storm strikes. Taking the initiative to seal potential weak points, secure loose objects, board up windows, relocate important documents to a safe place, take before and after photos, and stock up on essentials such as batteries, first aid kits, non-perishable food, and more.

Be Cautious

Finally, it is important to be alert and cautious. Stay up to date on the news and progress of the storm. Be prepared to evacuate. Thoroughly document all damage that occurs. Be timely with insurance claims. These and other simple steps can save your life, the life of others, and protect your business from significant damage and long-term ruin.

Storage Building Central – The Best Provider of Storage Buildings in Times of Disaster

One of the best things you can do to protect your self-storage business during hurricane season is to invest in a metal storage building from Storage Building Central. These steel structures are designed and engineered to be the best of the best, especially when it comes to durability, strength, and weather resistance.

Storage Building Central is happy to guide you through the customization and ordering process, provide in-depth information on how storage buildings stand strong in the face of inclement weather, and otherwise ensure your self-storage building needs are met. Call today on +1 (844) 315-3151.