Metal Storage Buildings
19 Dec, 2022

Commercial Metal Storage Buildings

For years metal buildings have been a major part of a vast array of commercial businesses. Each of these industries relies on the strength, versatility, and functionality of steel construction, from manufacturing facilities to retail shops and restaurants.

In modern business, these buildings are making a splash thanks to their cost-effective design. They can be built quicker and far more affordably than brick-and-mortar options, and with lumber prices skyrocketing, stick-built construction, too.

So, if you’ve been looking for the right steel storage building for your business, we can help! Below, we’ll dive into these incredible structures, why they work so well for business, and how to choose the right one for yours!

Why Choose a Metal Storage Building for Your Business

Why is a steel storage building right for your business enterprise? Let’s break it down and get to the nuts and bolts!

1. Strength

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another construction material that can outperform cold, hard steel. This wunderkind material is used in everything from skyscrapers to airplanes and bridges- for a good reason! It’s incredibly strong and capable of taking on external forces that would shatter wooden components. As such, a steel building is one of the strongest options available.

2. Cost-Efficiency

As mentioned, lumber prices have skyrocketed in recent years. This has made stick-built construction extremely expensive and has turned the market to favor metal options as a result. Simply put, these buildings can be built at a fraction of the cost compared to wooden alternatives.

3. Quick Construction

Another aspect that has pushed metal buildings to the forefront of both residential and commercial use is their quick construction. Since these buildings are designed in a manufacturing facility, they arrive at the installation site like an enormous jigsaw puzzle, ready to go. As such, these buildings can be erected much faster than any wooden structure.

4. Unmatched Durability

Galvanized steel is naturally resistant to moisture penetration, mold, oxidation, and pests, to name a few. This makes them far more effective at withstanding their environment. They won’t decay, rust, or fall apart, saving you tons in repair costs throughout ownership.

5. Fire-Resistant

Did you know that steel buildings can resist temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit? That’s hotter than most natural fires burn! As such, these buildings are a great choice for fire-prone applications such as welding shops, restaurants, and manufacturing.

Crucial Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Commercial Storage Building

Let’s be honest: Purchasing any building is a significant investment. And with any investment, it’s vital to perform the necessary due diligence to get a product you can trust. To make this aspect of your metal building journey easier, we’ve put together some essential things you’ll want to keep in the back of your mind when purchasing your next mini storage building.

1. Size Needs

How large of a structure will you need? Will you use your building to house equipment, or will it serve as your business infrastructure entirely? Knowing what you’ll need from your structure can take you a long way in terms of figuring out what size building you need.

2. Design

How will your building’s footprint look? Will you be able to choose a pre-made size, or will your business need a custom touch? Luckily, steel buildings can be customized in various ways, including roofing, paneling, colors, windows, doors, and more!

3. Quality

Make no mistake; there are tons of metal building manufacturers out there. And not all of them offer the same quality products. So you’ll need to perform the necessary research to find a provider with a history of delivering long-lasting products and providing good customer service.

4. Insulation

If you’re using your building for anything more than equipment storage, it will likely need to be insulated. Insulation will significantly reduce moisture buildup and help your structure maintain an even ambient temperature.

5. Certification

Some providers will offer certified and non-certified building options. The certification process ensures a structure can handle the average wind, snow, and seismic loads in your region. And while it may be more expensive to choose a certified building, it’s often a requirement if you expect to use it commercially.

Storage BuildingPopular Storage Building Uses

Steel buildings are used for a wide range of commercial applications thanks to their functionality. Don’t believe us? Just look at a few ways these incredible buildings are utilized!

1. Commercial Self-Storage Buildings

Finding ample storage space is difficult. It’s such a challenge that it’s given birth to a multi-billion-dollar commercial self-storage industry. And for savvy business owners, metal buildings are one of the most cost-effective ways of building commercial storage infrastructure.

2. Restaurants

To keep a restaurant operating smoothly, you’ll need plenty of space for inventory and equipment. You’ll also need climate-controlled storage for meat and perishable products. Luckily, steel storage buildings are capable of handling both!

3. Metal Warehouses

Steel buildings can be built at enormous dimensions without needing internal support columns. This makes them perfect for large-scale industrial jobs such as manufacturing facilities, factories, warehouses, and processing centers.

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