13 May, 2016

Storage Is Cheap!

Looking to save money on apartment rent? Not many people would consider renting a storage unit as a way to cut costs, but if you swapped just 100-200 square feet of apartment space for storage space, you could actually save a bundle!  In cities all across the United States, especially in highly densely populated areas like New York City.  Utilizing a storage facility over more square footage could save you up to $1000 a month!

When looking at apartments that have enough space for holiday storage, bikes, long storage items, or other home items that don’t need to be within a moments notice can help reduce your overall living costs dramatically. Putting those things in mini storage buildings and renting smaller could be a more cost-effective solution. Some people tend to upgrade their living space because children outgrew a bunch of clothes, toys, and furniture that they do not know what to do with. Putting a family in a predicament where they might like the area they live in, but not are not sure what to do with an expensive crib that is still in good condition. A Storage unit can allow for long term storage if you plan on having children in the future.