08 Jul, 2020

Self-storage businesses are booming all across the United States thanks to several factors, including their tremendous versatility. As this industry continues to grow exponentially, more Americans with business savvy are considering starting their own self-storage ventures.

As you are bound to notice as you begin researching self-storage buildings—or if you simply observe as you drive by some—the vast majority of mini storage buildings are made of steel. The reasons for this are numerous. Read on to explore them!

Benefits of Pre-Engineered Mini Storage Buildings

There are many benefits associated with pre-engineered mini storage buildings. The list could likely stretch on indefinitely, so we’ve decided to highlight a few key benefits to give you an idea of the tremendous advantages of these buildings.

  • Short Lead Times – Imagine ordering your custom pre-engineered mini storage buildings and being able to open your new business within weeks rather than months. That’s what these efficiently manufactured buildings offer!
  • Versatility – Pre-engineered does not mean standardized. You can completely customize your building to suit your needs, climate, and target clientele.
  • Eco-Friendly – Mini storage buildings use efficient production and recyclable materials to ensure they remain environmentally-friendly.

How Steel Fulfills the Needs of the Storage Industry?

When it comes to storage buildings, steel is by far the best construction material to use. Its innate properties provide many advantages that lend themselves perfectly to the storage industry. Check out a few of these benefits below!

  • Mature Mini Storage Buildings – Mini storage buildings are no longer the unsightly rows of uninspired architecture they once were. Instead, they have matured to be more aesthetically pleasing and well-rounded as businesses. Many offer more services, such as moving materials and vehicles, refreshments, specialized storage (climate-controlled, secure, etc.), and even boat and RV storage.
  • Sustainable Rental Space – Steel is a recyclable material that, when used with modern engineering, can provide an ultra-efficient space that helps conserve energy. From state-of-the-art insulation to unique roof designs that limit heat transfer, steel storage buildings can save you money while maximizing sustainability.
  • Modernized Storage – With beautiful landscaping, eye-catching designs, and an overall modernized design, the storage facilities you see today are a far cry from their plan, box-like predecessors. These exterior changes are reflected by the innovative changes on the inside, including climate control, modern amenities, and more.
  • Multiple Levels – Steel makes it easy to implement multiple levels into your storage facility, giving you more space to rent. More space means more potential customers, which is great for business.
  • Fully-Customizable – One of the primary advantages of steel structures is how easy they are to customize. No matter what your vision is, what clientele you’re trying to service, or what your needs demand, a steel storage building is fully customizable, allowing it to fulfill your exact applications flawlessly.
  • Low-Maintenance – Buildings composed of steel are naturally low-maintenance thanks to their innate resistance to threats that are common to more traditional structures, including pests, mold, and even fire. This means fewer resources are needed for upkeep, and they can be allocated elsewhere in your business.
  • Affordable – Compared to traditional structures, pre-engineered steel buildings are incredibly affordable. This gives you the opportunity to customize and implement your dream building(s) within budget and maximize your return on investment.
  • Durability – Steel is an extraordinarily strong and durable building material that provides confidence that your storage building will stand strong in the face of extreme weather and over the course of time. Its durability and longevity ensure that you will be able to reap the benefits of your investment for years to come!

Steel Mini Storage Buildings from Storage Building Central

As fantastic and advantageous as steel mini storage buildings undoubtedly are inherently, you should strongly consider who you work with when it comes time to customize and purchase yours. Storage Building Central has established itself as the best provider of such buildings in the United States by consistently offering unmatched customer service and quality.

Whether you have basic questions regarding storage buildings or know exactly what you want and are ready to buy your steel storage building(s), Storage Building Central is here to help. Simply call today on +1 (844) 315-3151 to speak to an experienced storage building expert!